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Fashion vs Style

When I was a student at St Martin’s school of Art in London, we were confronted with

the question: ‘Style or Fashion?’ Looking at fashion icons and designers who left their

mark in fashion history, our tutors were encouraging us to search for our own creative

expression. Trying to express the distinction between the two terms, I came to the

following conclusion:

Fashion has a time limit, while style is forever.

Fashion can make you belong to a pack, while style is a personal expression that sets you apart making you unique.

Fashion is for followers, while style is for leaders.

I was very fortunate because as a Greek, had embedded in my DNA the high aesthetics of my ancestry and I found my source of inspiration in the pleated designs of Mariano Fortuny. He was a Spanish designer who liberated Belle Époque ladies from fitted, corseted gowns, introducing pleated Hellenic inspired clothes of minimalist style. Since the beginning of my long career, I followed the principals of my Hellenic heritage and I was blessed to receive a lot of appraisal for my creativity. 

The way I design is rather unorthodox! I lovingly drape the pleated fabrics on the dress stand, creating fluid sculptures that embrace the female body. My clothes have been often described as radiating femininity, comfort and movement, in their antique meets

modern aesthetic. 

A stylish garment or accessory is timeless, won’t be disposed at the end of the season. The women who love my clothes or accessories know that they can wear them on numerous occasions and they will always be stylish. My customers enjoy to capture the attention at any event embracing minimalism, as they don’t need unnecessary embellishments to cover their insecurities. 

Finally I feel very proud to realise that in my country I have been one of the pioneers of pure Hellenic inspired design.


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