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Our Sustainability Mission

Daphne Valente, a supporter of slow fashion, ensures that her collections are crafted by her own team, employing a technique honed over years involving extensive fabric manipulation and meticulous hand sewing, resulting in her style being recognized as affordable Haute Couture.

Synthetic fabrics of the highest quality, carrying Oeko-Tex certification, are preferred over natural fabrics due to their durability against pleating. Daphne's lifelong commitment to animal welfare and vegetarianism is reflected in her decision to never use fur, leather, or any other animal products in her collections.

Entirely made in Greece by small production crews and exceptional artisans working in humane conditions, Daphne Valente collections marry modern design with professional expertise, while honoring the fashion house's core values.

Within the designer's studio, both simple and advanced tactics are employed daily to achieve zero waste production, reduced energy use, and the reuse and recycling of materials. This commitment to ethical fashion and environmental stewardship is integral to her work. Embracing the principles of slow fashion, she prioritizes product quality and innovation, while minimizing the brand's ecological footprint.

Her aspiration is for each piece to transcend fleeting trends, ensuring a long lifespan. Sustainability, at the intersection of ethical responsibility and innovation, is evident in her designs crafted to endure from generation to generation, without compromising on quality.

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