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Our Store

Daphne Valente, following a long career as a designer in Greek fashion, opens her first store in the historic center of Athens, on Kornarou St., where she will be presenting all of her designs.


She developed the store concept over many years, wanting to combine vintage, edgy elements reminiscent of Tim Burton’s films, and an abstract aesthetic to showcase her pleated creations in the best way possible.


The black and white stripes that adorn the walls and furniture, depict an abstract version of a Grecian column and, by default, that of a pleated fabric, while the zig-zag shaped shelves displaying the accessories present a linear depiction of a pleat. 


The construction of the project was undertaken by Vasilis Koumoulentzos Technical Office, and the architectural plan by Chrysa Misiaka, both respecting the aesthetic of the original structure housing the shop.


Photography: Ioannis Moutis


Contact Us

Daphne Valente

New Shop
6, Kornarou Street, Athens 105 63
Tel: +30 2130465138

Tel: +30 2103242260

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