Doulamas the Magnificent

On May 2019 Daphne Valente participated at the exhibition “Doulamas the Magnificent: An Exceptional Overcoat,” organized by the Nafplio-based Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in cooperation with the Benaki Museum in Athens. Daphne created a pleated outfit inspired by the Northen Greece traditional coat Doulamas.

Lightness of being

In 2010 Daphne organized an exhibition of her jewelry at I.E.T.T. in Kifissia and she invited along 25 photographers  asking them to photograph her pleated scarves, expressing in their own unique way 'Lightness of being', the theme of the show.

Photo Vassilis Vrettos

Photo Katerina Kaloudis

Photo Giorgos Hatzakos

Photo Natalia Tsoukala

Photo Juliane Bialas

Photo Lydia Venieri

Photo Roula Revi

Photo Tassos Vrettos

Photo Marina Vernikos

Photo Nani Zarikian

Photo Zeta Antsaklis

Photo Dora Minaidis

Photo Lina Pigadioti

Photo Nikos Vardakastanis

Driving Force

In 2003 Daphne had her first solo exhibition in Gallery 3, in Athens, presenting a collection of one off, mobile, collage pieces, inspired by the masterpieces of Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Alma Tadema and Gustav Klimt.

Photos Lydia Venieri

Daphne Valente

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