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Daphne Valente designs timeless, sculptural clothes inspired by the Ancient Greek pleating of Mariano Fortuny. 


Minimal and very feminine, the clothes offer an ideal solution for easy and comfortable cocktail wear ideal for travelling. 


The customer of Daphne Valente, is the sophisticated lady who enjoys capturing the attention in her graceful, elegant simplicity.

The clothes collection is enhanced by sculptural, impressive jewellery, by colourful pleated scarves, wrapped in a very original package and by fun, pleated bags and sandals.

Everything is handmade and crafted in Greece in a traditional way similar to Haute Couture. summer cocktail dresses for weddings

The collections are sold in Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon in exclusive hotels, resorts and in museum art shops. 

Her designs have been featured in many local and International magazines.

Daphne Valente

Opens her first store.

Daphne Valente, following a long career as a designer in Greek fashion, opens her first store in the historic center of Athens, on Kornarou St., where she will be presenting all of her designs.

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